Related Projects

Since the launch of the Sector Skills Academy in 2005, WSI has occasionally been asked to adapt the approach, training, curriculum or other elements of the Academy for different audiences. The following related projects have resulted:

Greater Seattle Sector Skills Academy
The Greater Seattle Sector Skills Academy, funded by SkillUp Washington and facilitated by AspenWSI, was designed to provide emerging leaders in the sectoral workforce development field in the Seattle area with a unique professional development opportunity. Beginning in November 2012, fellows in the academy met regularly to reflect on and refine their workforce development strategies and build their personal leadership skills. This group of fellows, who work in a variety of institutions, including public agencies, community-based nonprofits, workforce development councils, and community colleges, is helping to prepare unemployed and underemployed individuals for jobs in a wide range of sectors such as health care, construction, information technology, and manufacturing. As part of the academy, fellows worked in teams to select, develop and conduct a capstone or research project to investigate a workforce development issue of their choice. On September 26, 2013 the fellows presented their findings from these capstone projects. Learn more about the Seattle Sector Skills Academy and the fellows’ presentations.

Workforce Leaders Academy
The Workforce Leaders Academy launched in 2009 as a professional development and capacity-building opportunity for teams of emerging sector leaders from workforce development organizations serving low-income adults in the greater Washington, D.C.-area. The Academy consists of an introductory workshop and eight, daylong trainings over 10 months, offering experiential learning activities and seminars led by experts in the field of workforce development.

The Academy received funding from the Greater Washington Workforce Development Collaborative, an initiative of the Community Foundation for the National Capital Region and the National Fund for Workforce Solutions site for metropolitan Washington.

Sector Strategies prac.ti.cum
The “sector strategies prac.ti.cum” is designed to foster the development of sectoral partnerships in New York City. Through a series of workshops, hands-on technical assistance and an intensive three-day retreat directed by Public/Private Ventures in partnership with WSI, the “prac.ti.cum” seeks to expose participants to successful sector programs, and provide the foundation and supports necessary to build their own approach. Funding is provided by the National Fund for Workforce Solutions and the New York City Workforce Innovation Fund, a partnership of public funders and private foundations.

In June 2008, nine organizations were selected to participate in the first “prac.ti.cum.” The participating organizations focus on employment opportunities in a wide range of sectors, including hospitality, health care, construction, food, energy efficiency and transportation.

Construction Sector Community of Practice
The Construction Sector Community of Practice (SCoP) was launched in fall 2008 to help construction programs learn about effective sectoral development practices from their peers and to build ongoing relationships. The SCoP is funded by the National Fund for Workforce Solutions (NFWS), a national effort to support regional collaboratives across the country using sector approaches to workforce development. Recognizing that elements of the Sector Skills Academy were in sync with the goals of the NFWS, WSI was invited to create the Construction SCoP.

The SCoP involves in-person meetings, on-line discussions, Webinars, peer work, mentoring and the development of an on-line resource bank of information and tools. The ultimate goal is to connect people, facilitate knowledge exchange and foster more effective local implementation.

The construction SCoP is envisioned as the first in a series of sector-specific communities of practice. It is being jointly developed and delivered by WSI, Public/Private Ventures and the National Network of Sector Partners. Those three national experts in sector practice collaborated to start the Sector Skills Academy, elements of which inform the design and curriculum of SCoP.

Michigan Works! Sector Workshops
WSI developed and conducted sector strategies workshops for teams from regional public workforce agencies in Michigan. Under contract with the Michigan Works! Association, the association of state workforce agencies, WSI conducted two, one-day introductory workshops and one two-day advanced workshop based on Sector Skills Academy content.