Marano Fellows Class of 2014
Name: Alicia A. Schuller

Director of Programs


Baltimore Alliance for Careers in Healthcare (BACH)

Location: Baltimore, MD
Industry Sector: Healthcare

Organizational Background & Mission: BACH’s mission is to address unemployment, underemployment and shortages in the healthcare workforce in Baltimore, by working with employers to identify career pathways and subsequent trainings, which will lead to economic independence for low-skilled/ low-wage workers. The organization was established in 2005 with the primary objective of reversing the healthcare worker shortage, by developing a pipeline of workers for industry, through training and promotion of incumbent workers. BACH’s sector work has ensured that more than 1,200 incumbent workers in healthcare have received coaching and of those, more than 700 have received occupational and/or educational training. Additionally, this work has helped workers achieve 67% job retention at three years and resulted in more than 600 people receiving one or more promotions and/ or pay increases.

Interest in Sector Work: BACH is a convener of healthcare employers, community based organizations, educational institutions, foundations and other community partners, for the healthcare industry sector in Baltimore. It encourages institutions to adopt policies that will assist in removing barriers for low-wage/ low-skilled workers, which may otherwise prevent them from retaining and/or advancing in a career in healthcare. Importantly, the organization funds and oversees career coaches in nine area hospitals and long term care institutions, including Johns Hopkins – a model that promotes and supports career advancement for incumbent workers. My participation in the Sector Skills Academy will benefit BACH and its partners, as I work to coordinate and convene said partners, in order to identify synergies, encourage collaboration and ultimately scale BACH’s model to other healthcare institutions across Baltimore.