Marano Fellows Class of 2014
Name: Bryan Sanchinell

Director of Employment Solutions


Cypress Hills Local Development Corporation

Location: Brooklyn, NY
Industry Sector: Transportation

Organizational Background & Mission: Activist residents and merchants formed Cypress Hills Local Development Corporation (CHLDC) in May 1983 to revitalize their community. CHLDC is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit community-based organization, serving more than 8,000 residents each year through a continuum of services and neighborhood development projects.

With community residents leading the way, the mission of CHLDC is to build a strong, sustainable Cypress Hills/East New York, where youth and adults achieve educational and economic success, secure affordable housing, and develop leadership skills to transform their lives and community.

Interest in Sector Work: In our experience, our partner employers have mentioned that working with young adults bring many benefits like high energy, enthusiasm, self-confidence, the ability to learn quickly, knowledge of technology and more flexible schedules.

We, at The CHAMPION Network, understand and have tailored our program design to fit the employerís needs. We are a one year membership based employment program for young adults who are looking to be leaders at home, work, and the community.

Each member undergoes the T-Group experience which is the foundational core experience of our Leadership Development Model. Members work in small groups of 6 to 12 people, over a 3 day period, in an atmosphere of mutual support and accountability. They learn and practice new skills and behaviors that can immediately be applied when they start work, in their home environments and in the community.

Through the success of the CHAMPION Network the largest employer in Cypress Hills, Total Bus Corp, approached us to solve their turnover challenge. Total Bus Corp is the largest deliverer of para-transit services in New York City. As a result, along with three other employer partners, we have created a plan to scale up our logistics work and prepare, support and train young adults to enter the transportation field. Our research indicates there are many young jobseekers in NYC that have a regular driverís license and are interested in gaining work experience in transportation. Moreover, a high percentage of the positions requiring a Commercial Driverís License Class C and higher are unionized and include health benefits. Lastly, the transportation field has earning rates that exceed individuals who have an associateís degree.

The CHAMPION Network strives to provide the opportunities and support for young adults to thrive in the transportation sector. We believe in tapping into the tremendous talents, skills, and leadership of our members so that they reach their fullest potentials while fulfilling the needs of this growing sector.