Marano Fellows Class of 2014
Name: Todd Nell

College and Career Preparation Manager


Department of Community Colleges and Workforce Development

Location: Salem, Oregon
Industry Sector: Manufacturing and Healthcare

Organizational Background & Mission: The Department of Community Colleges and Workforce Development:

  • Distributes state aid to community colleges
  • Approves new programs and courses
  • Adopts rules for the general governance of community colleges
  • Oversees state implementation of Title IB of the Workforce Investment Act

Oregon has world-class citizens who are educated, skilled, working and contributing members of society. Mission Statement
Contribute leadership and resources to increase the skills, knowledge and career opportunities of Oregonians.

Interest in Sector Work: I am excited about helping lead Oregonís sector strategies in order to help businesses, partners, and low-income participants improve their skills in order to get a job, get a better job, or advance in manufacturing, or other key sectors. I also value diversity and am committed to social and economic justice. I am excited to learn more about how sector strategies can increase access to good jobs and improve the quality of bad or low-wage jobs.