Marano Fellows Class of 2014
Name: Anne McMonigle

Project Manager


California Labor Federation – Workforce & Economic Development Program

Location: Sacramento, CA
Industry Sector: Construction and Pathways to Apprenticeship

Organizational Background & Mission: The contribution of labor is vital to the growth of California’s economy (through innovation), and the expansion of its middle class (through shared prosperity). The WED program’s main objectives are to promote good jobs, to foster the creation of career pathways for California workers, and to help build an integrated, strategic, high road focused California workforce system. The California Labor Federation is the umbrella organization of affiliates in every sector of the California economy and is comprised of over 2.1 million California workers.

Interest in Sector Work: Promoting pathways into union construction apprenticeship programs is critical to California’s rebounding economy. With an aging workforce and a rebounding industry, building pipelines into the construction industry through pre-apprenticeship helps to provide access to quality middle class jobs and increased access into registered union apprenticeship, “the other four year degree”.

In order to ensure that this pipeline is filled with committed and qualified applicants, solid partnerships that link the apprenticeship community with the education and workforce communities is essential. Utilizing the Multi-Craft Core Curriculum Pre-Apprenticeship Program (MC3), designed by the National Building Trades Department of the AFL-CIO, potential apprentices learn the multitude of crafts involved in the construction industry, while gaining the academic and soft skills necessary to succeed in an ever-evolving industry sector. The MC3 provides pathways into the middle class and serves as an industry-recognized pre-apprenticeship model that can be tailored to fit programs serving a wide range of workforce populations, from disadvantaged high school youth to returning veterans interested in a career in the construction industry.