Marano Fellows Class of 2014
Name: Aranzazu (Arancha) Lattanzio

H2P National Grant Manager, PTEC


Cincinnati State Technical & Community College

Location: Cincinnati, Ohio
Industry Sector: Healthcare

Organizational Background & Mission: The Pathway to Employment Center (PTEC) was implemented through a DOL TAACCCT grant awarded on October 1, 2011. PTEC at Cincinnati State Technical and Community College is part of the Health Professions Pathway Consortium (H2P) created under the same grant. The program was launched in April 2012 to address the need to skill or re-skill trade-impacted workers/dislocated workers, veterans, unemployed, and low-income incumbent workers. Our focus is to build pathways through strategic initiatives such as: prior-learning assessments and career exploration, contextualized development education, core curriculum development, enhanced retention and completion, and job placement/retention.

Mission: The concept behind PTEC is simple: helping adult learners overcome obstacles that prevent timely completion of academic and career goals.

Interest in Sector Work: PTEC and Cincinnati State are part of the Health Professions Pathways (H2P) Consortium, which resulted from the DOL TAACCCT grant awarded on October 1, 2011. As such, we are focused on building sector strategies around healthcare given it is the largest industry sector in Cincinnati, Ohio, and will see significant employment growth in the foreseeable future. PTEC is co-located with the Hamilton County Workforce Investment Board (Ohio Means Jobs) in a low-income, urban area in downtown Cincinnati, Ohio. We receive direct referrals from the WIB, directing low-income individuals to PTECís full-spectrum service delivery in a centralized location that will lead towards a new certificate and/or degree and job placement within a sector pathway.