Marano Fellows Class of 2012

Name: Liddy Romero

Executive Director


WorkLife Partnership

Location: Denver, CO
Industry Sector: Manufacturing
Type of Organization: Non profit, business, government collaborative

Organizational Background & Mission: WorkLife Partnership is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to creating socially sustainable communities and thriving workplaces in Colorado. Through partnerships with employers, WorkLife Partnership provides direct services and training to employees to help them overcome the barriers that keep them from getting to work, staying at work, and being productive at work. In addition, WorkLife Partnership works collaboratively with government agencies, training centers, and other nonprofit organizations to provide the individualized services each employee needs to overcome work-life issues. WorkLife Partnership is a project under the Colorado Nonprofit Development Center. Learn more at

Our mission to support employers’ ability to retain valuable employees by leveraging community resources that result in economic prosperity for businesses and workers.

Interest in Sector Work: WorkLife is a catalyst to bring change to how employers do business. We serve as a launch point for which employers begin thinking about how their company can be more socially responsible- specifically to their own people. We are the only organization of its kind in Colorado, and with that title have instituted a change in how employers think about and serve their workers. In regards to the manufacturing sector, WorkLife is part of the many organizations that will be brought together under a new manufacturing intermediary in Colorado to better serve manufactures and their employees.