Marano Fellows Class of 2012

Name: Mary Manzoni

Vice President Workforce Development Services



Location: Baltimore, MD
Industry Sector: Retail, hospitality, food service
Type of Organization: Non-Profit Organization

Organizational Background & Mission: Humanim was founded in 1971 as a non-profit vocational organization serving individuals with disabilities. Our growth throughout the years has focused on workforce development and has reached individuals of all ages through many areas of human services. Our mission is to identify those in greatest need and provide uncompromising individualized services. Humanim focuses on serving individuals with workforce barriers and provides access to the skills and knowledge necessary for success.

Interest in Sector Work: Humanimís sector training initiative is targeted to start in September 2012. In March 2012 Humanim was approached by one of Baltimore Cityís largest developers and entered into a contract agreement to assist with local hiring. This initiative started to create a pipeline of quality employees, deliver benefit to low income residents and provide the positive community impact that investors, elected officials and community leaders are seeking from major new development projects. The recent grant that Humanim was awarded will provide the opportunity to offer customer service training to individuals who are under and unemployed. My interest and participation in the Sector Skills Academy will not only benefit Humanim, but will provide benefit to our non-profit partners, commercial partners and the at-risk community residents that Humanim serves.