Marano Fellows Class of 2012

Name: Evelyn A. Fernandez-Ketcham

Deputy Executive Director



Location: New York City, NY
Industry Sector:  
Type of Organization: Not-for profit (Intermediary)

Organizational Background & Mission: The mission of JobsFirstNYC is to help bring-effectively and efficiently- all available community, corporate, human, organization, private and public resources to accelerate the connecting of out-of-work and out-of-school young adults with the economic life of New York City. JobsFirstNYC’s strategic goal is to decrease the number of unemployed or jobless young adults in NYC by 5% in 5 years, specifically by 2017.

Interest in Sector Work: JobsFirstNYC is spearheading a groundbreaking effort in NYC around creating sector-based pipelines and partnerships for older youth that are out-of-work and out-of-school. We believe that working within various sectors, including restaurants, retail, and healthcare, and utilizing targeted sector strategies we can begin to address the issues for training and connecting older youth to meaningful employment opportunities. Our goal is to create a New York City Young Adult Sectoral Project which will include various partnerships that utilize sectoral approaches to achieve better connections between young adults and specific industries. Our first sector-based project—the Restaurant Industry Partnership—is currently in development. The objective for this partnership is to bring together all stakeholders to address challenges and barriers that stand in the way of increasing the number of young adults that get connected with employers (and career pathways) in the restaurant industry, as well as identifying opportunities within the industry.