Marano Fellows Class of 2012
Name: Sheknita Davis
Title: Program Manager
Organization: Macon Bibb County Workforce Investment Board Inc.
Location: Macon, GA
Industry Sector: Advanced Manufacturing, Aerospace, Warehouse & Logistic, Shared Services, Automotive, Food Service
Type of Organization: Non-profit government agency

Organizational Background & Mission: The Macon-Bibb County Workforce Investment Board (WIB) vision is to touch the lives of every Macon-Bibb County citizen by assisting employers, job seekers, and families to achieve their maximum workforce potential. In order to fulfill this vision, Macon-Bibb County WIB implemented an aggressive approach to overcome employment challenges in our community which center around a sector strategy approach.

Organizational tagline:
"We take the leg work out of an employer's search for prepared applicants that meet business workforce needs; we provide resources to support an individual's skill development for future and current businesses.

Interest in Sector Work: The Macon-Bibb County WIB, Inc. has transformed from the traditional workforce development services and programs (job matching services for individual customers) to implementing an industry-sector approach (focused on specific industries within the Macon-Bibb regional labor market to benefit employers and job seekers) to delivering workforce development services. These are the strategic plans that have been recently implemented in the programs I manage:

  • Strategy: Adopted and implemented the Industry-Sector Approach to delivering workforce development programs and services in WIB Region 6, Area 10.
  • Strategy: Established partnerships with the Macon Economic Development Commission, the Macon Chamber of Commerce, and the Macon-Bibb County Industrial Authority to create linkages with businesses and industries in the region.