Marano Fellows Class of 2012

Name: Nicholas Alexander

Facility Manager


Richmond BUILD

Location: Richmond, CA
Industry Sector: Construction, Hazardous Materials & Petrochemicals, Renewable Energy
Type of Organization: Local Government

Organizational Background & Mission: Like many urban communities, the City of Richmond faces the challenges of disproportionate underemployment, and the crime and violence it breeds. The city’s Employment and Training Department has a lead role in meeting these challenges head-on.

The mission of the department is to provide quality training and valuable resources to the business community and local residents who have had difficulty finding and retaining work.

Interest in Sector Work: In April 2007, the city’s Employment and Training Department launched RichmondBUILD, a public-private partnership focused on developing talent and skills in the high-growth, high-wage construction, hazardous materials (hazmat) and renewable energy fields. Now recognized as a national model for pre-apprenticeship construction and green careers training, the RichmondBUILD program has been extremely successful in maintaining political and community support for training in these sectors.

Training is delivered through a series of carefully planned modules (in two top-notch training facilities) focused on the skills and knowledge participants need to secure and retain employment in the construction, hazmat and renewable energy sectors. Strong partnerships with the local business community, construction trade unions, community colleges and nonprofits contribute to the remarkable success of the program.

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