Marano Fellows Class of 2011

Name: Diane L. Weiler

North Central Wisconsin Workforce Development Board

Location: Wisconsin Rapids, WI
Primary Industry Sector:

Emerging Green Industries (Construction/Manufacturing/Energy)

Type of Organization: WIB

“We have heard success after success about how the Workforce Development Board’s work has changed the lives of many low income or disadvantaged job seekers. I am excited that this opportunity to work in the green sector could have the same impact on someone’s life.”

Organizational Mission: To foster the highest quality of life in our communities by focusing on solutions to workforce development issues.

Our organization began in 1983 under the name, The Central Wisconsin Private Industry Council. (In 1998 our funding source changed from the Job Training Partnership Act (JTPA) to Workforce Investment Act (WIA) funding and Private Industry Councils then became known as Workforce Development Boards.)

Interest in Sector Work: I will be working with emerging green industries; particularly how emerging green occupations will affect the construction trades, manufacturing and emerging energy professions. I accepted the job at the North Central Wisconsin Workforce Development Board to manage the SAGE (Sector Alliance for the Green Economy) grant. I have always found great fulfillment in philanthropy work; that coupled with my Human Resource background results in my interest in helping workers achieve the most they can. My hope is this work will result in more jobs for our struggling local economy. I would like to put unemployed workers into new jobs or build career ladders for low income or disadvantaged job seekers so they can begin earning self sustaining wages. The issues these workers face now is a struggling economy and reluctant employers. Employers are not willing to consider new green emerging occupations when their primary concern is keeping the doors open.