Marano Fellows Class of 2011

Name: John Valverde

The Osborne Association

Location: Bronx, New York
Primary Industry Sector: Green/Environmental (Weatherization, Green Building Maintenance, Green Construction and Energy Auditing)
Type of Organization: Non-profit, community based social service organization

“What excites me the most about our sector work is seeing a person realize that he/she is not defined by the past, but by who they have transformed themselves to be and the difference they can make. We are committed to each person's genuine freedom.”

Organizational Mission: We offer opportunities for individuals who have been in conflict with the law to transform their lives through innovative, effective, and replicable programs that serve the community by reducing crime and its human and economic costs and that respect the dignity of all people (shortened for our purposes here).

We have been in existence for 80 years.

Interest in Sector Work: Our interest in sector specific work relates to the formerly incarcerated population we serve. Knowing clearly that those communities most impacted by the criminal justice system are also those most impacted by environmental injustice, we saw a direct link and need to develop leaders who will contribute to themselves, their families, their community and the environment. We know that if members of the communities most impacted by environmental concerns are not a part of the green movement, they will be left behind and not afforded the access to the social, economic and environmental opportunities.

The formerly incarcerated face multiple barriers and stand at the end of the long unemployment lines in our country. We believe the judgement, rejection and discrimination they face can be overcome by their involvement in the green movement.