Marano Fellows Class of 2011

Name: Peter F. Stoll

Northeast Parent and Child Society, Inc.

Location: Schenectady, New York
Primary Industry Sector:

Energy Efficiency Market Sector

Type of Organization: 501(c)(3) child welfare agency serving 31 NYS counties and providing services to over 10,000 at-risk children and families annually

“I envision this energy efficiency market sector as a “value proposition” whereby this emerging market represents an opportunity for our agency and our YouthBuild Program to broker and expand employment opportunities for our youth, including new pathways and better wage packages.”

Organizational Mission: Since 1888, our mission has been to protect children, preserve families and strengthen communities.

Interest in Sector Work: Our organization’s interest in sector work is to provide career pathways to employment for at-risk young men and women in high-demand industries. Since 2009, we have focused our initiatives on the energy efficiency and weatherization sector. We selected this sector based on an analysis of market data from NYSERDA, NYS DOL and the NYS Public Service Commission that demonstrated the need to recruit and train a workforce of 17,000 required for this new market in the next three years. These 17,000 jobs are “green collar” or entry-level energy efficiency jobs. Our expected goal is to recruit, train, certify and place youth in these jobs. These workers are typically residents of Enterprise Communities with unemployment, high school drop- outs, poverty, rent burden and substandard housing three-five times national rates. These youth face such obstacles as lack of access to quality technical training, lack of STEM disciplines, and logistical impediments to employment.