Marano Fellows Class of 2011

Name: Ed O’Sullivan

North Shore Workforce Investment Board

Location: Salem, MA
Primary Industry Sector:

Health Care, Manufacturing, and Construction Trades/Clean Energy

Type of Organization: Workforce Investment Board

“For me, sector initiatives appear simple and straightforward from a distance, but unfold at ground level as complex projects that are never the same and ultimately provide positive results for individuals and employers. ”

Organizational Mission: We put the North Shore to work! Through collaborative leadership, the North Shore WIB ensures that programming across multiple organizations and educational institutions meets evidence-based business and worker needs for highly valued skills in our very competitive labor market. North Shore Workforce Investment Board has been in operation for 11 years.

Interest in Sector Work: The North Shore WIB focuses its attention on our critical industries as indicated in our local labor market blueprint that we publish and revisit on a regular basis. There are four critical industries in our area, including healthcare, financial services, construction trades, and durable goods/manufacturing. Although my application and time with the institute will focus on the healthcare industry and our on-line college prep programming for nursing and other allied health degrees and certificates, we have sector initiatives in several areas. These include: financial services -- helping low-income individuals to become tellers, the construction trades -- working with companies around clean/green energy, and manufacturing -- helping to facilitate entry level machinists to return to college while working to receive college credit and eventually get there associates degree in manufacturing and/or continue on to a pathway toward an engineering degree.