Marano Fellows Class of 2011

Name: Kira Khazatsky

JVS Boston

Location: Boston, MA
Primary Industry Sector: Healthcare
Type of Organization: CBO

“How incredibly effective a well planned well executed sector initiative can be and how many lives it can change in a fairly short period of time.”

Organizational Mission: Our mission is to empower individuals from diverse communities to find employment and build careers, and to partner with employers to hire, develop, and retain productive workforces. Founded in 1938, JVS delivers a broad range of educational and vocational services to over 20,000 clients annually to help them and their families reach financial independence. JVS partners with over 1,400 area employers to help fill vacancies and provide the education their employees need to ascend their career ladders.

Interest in Sector Work: The Healthcare Training Institute (HTI), JVS Boston, part of what we refer to as our Business Services department works primarily in the healthcare sector in and around the Boston area. The healthcare sector is by far the largest employer on the east coast and the largest employer of the entry level workforce that is the mission of JVS. Our goal for the sector initiatives we are spearheading through the HTI is threefold. We are aiming to create, strengthen and build services to area hospitals and long term care facilities such that they see JVS as the provider of choice when it comes to filling their open positions. We also strive to create, strengthen and build services for the entry level incumbent workforce that enables our clients to steadily move along career ladders and pipelines with increasing pay, title and responsibilities. Specifically we are focusing on entry level positions in departments such as environmental services, food and nutrition, transportation, parking services, nursing (C.N.A.) and entry level administrative positions. Lastly our goal is to build and strengthen employer relationships and become an invaluable resource for their internal workforce development initiatives.