Marano Fellows Class of 2011

Name: Diane Heldt

Lifetrack Resources

Location: Saint Paul, MN
Primary Industry Sector: Manufacturing
Type of Organization: Community Based Organization

“It makes me excited to help individuals who eagerly desire to work but have difficulty securing employment due to language barriers and limited work experience.”

Organizational Mission: Founded in 1948, the mission of Lifetrack Resources is “Build better lives by working together to develop people’s strengths.”

For 9 years Lifetrack has used a sector approach working with business and low income families. Lifetrack owns and operates a manufacturing company called Innovative Packaging Solutions which serves as our cornerstone transitional work site. Over time we have developed a continuum of training allowing participants to gain essential work skills and hands-on experience. Lifetrack has built a network of relationships within the industry and has learned about specific business needs of local manufacturing companies. In 2010, we trained 120 individuals (primarily refugees & immigrants with limited work experience in the USA). Students additionally receive skills training through Life Enrichment classes to learn essential soft skills and financial literacy.

Lifetrack has been additionally been actively involved in two other sectors: Customer Service (we developed a 60-hour training in partnership with local employer partners) & Medical (from Nursing Assistant Training to advanced medical training through our FastTRAC partnership).