Marano Fellows Class of 2011

Name: Eric Griffin

Workforce Solutions Greater Dallas (WFSDallas)

Location: Dallas, Texas
Primary Industry Sector: Healthcare and Infrastructure
Type of Organization: WIB

“Im proud to be part of a movement to secure long-term sustainability for my community not only through the economic stability that comes from addressing business needs, but also through the social impact that results from helping individuals recognize their potential.”

Organizational Mission: Workforce Solutions Greater Dallas exists to ensure competitive solutions FOR EMPLOYERS through quality people and FOR PEOPLE through quality jobs.

WFSDallas has been in operation since 1996 after enabling legislation created the Texas Workforce Commission and a system of 28 local workforce development boards across the state.

Interest in Sector Work: WFSDallas is a founding member of the DFW Regional Workforce Leadership Council, which functions as a convener and connector for the formation and ongoing development of regional clusters. WFSDallas is responsible for the human capital components of the cluster approach.

WFSDallas serves as the regional lead for the Healthcare sector one of the largest drivers of the DFW economy and is establishing an Infrastructure initiative. My work at the Academy will focus on Healthcare, and I am particularly interested in developing compelling career pathways for disadvantaged youth and low-income workers displaced from other sectors. Healthcare IT is of particular interest for WFSDallas due to the projected 20% growth rate in this area over the coming years. My greatest hope would be to develop a workforce pipeline that connects people in low-income neighborhoods with HIT opportunities and the support services they need to maintain sustainable employment in the healthcare industry.