Marano Fellows Class of 2010

Name: Doug Warner

Michigan Department of Energy, Labor & Economic Growth

Location: Lansing, Michigan
Primary Industry Sector: Green Construction
Type of Organization: State Agency

“I want to give thoughtful, unbiased attention and guidance to the workforce needs of people from diverse groups. Guidance is critical in any new initiative for it to be a success.”

Organizational Mission: Provide resources to empower a skilled, diverse workforce in Michigan to stimulate economic growth by serving businesses and job seekers through education and an innovative, customer-focused service system.

Interest in Sector Work: Michigan wants to develop and fund skills alliances to solve complex workforce challenges. Michigan Skills Alliances are partnerships of employers, educators, and community leaders who come together within a specific industry sector or geographic region to solve complex workforce challenges such as an industry’s need to fill critical occupations, a mass layoff in the community, or addressing regional workforce trends like low literacy. The formation of four types of Michigan Skills Alliances are being encouraged by DELEG/BWT. These include:

  • Regional Skills Alliances (RSA)
  • Green Regional Skills Alliances (GRSA)
  • Sectoral Skills Alliances (SSA)
  • Green Sectoral Skills Alliances (GSSA)

Although all sectors are considered, Michigan focuses on these sectors:

  • Agriculture
  • Construction
  • Film and Animation
  • Healthcare
  • Manufacturing
  • Utilities
I am the project coordinator for the Energy Conservation Apprenticeship Readiness and Road Construction Apprenticeship Readiness Programs. The goal of each program is to increase the participation of women, minorities, and economically disadvantaged individuals in apprenticeships related to energy conservation or road construction work in Michigan.