Marano Fellows Class of 2010

Name: Emylene Aspilla

Jewish Vocational Service

Location: San Francisco, California
Primary Industry Sector: Healthcare, with a growing presence in green, retail, nonprofit, and financial services sectors
Type of Organization: CBO

“I am excited by how sector strategies meet the specific needs of industries with the most opportunity for growth and advancement while we support our diverse clients find their career path through building their skills, advancing their educational goals, and supporting their searches for work.”

Organizational Mission: The mission of JVS is to bring people and work together. Since 1973, JVS has strengthened the Bay Area community by helping people, particularly those with barriers to employment, acquire the skills and resources to find and keep meaningful employment and progress towards the goal of self-sufficiency.

Interest in Sector Work: Much of JVSís success in connecting individuals with employment can be attributed to our close ties with area employers. JVS has particular strength in the healthcare sector, with a growing presence in the green, retail, nonprofit, and financial services fields. Our sector priorities are aligned with the City of San Franciscoís workforce development system and planning, which includes representatives from the areaís largest employers, other workforce nonprofits, and training institutions. All of our sector work is also guided by industry-specific employer focus groups and advisory boards, which provide invaluable insight that informs our programming around high-demand, high-growth occupations. In this way, we are able to direct our clients to employment opportunities that will allow them to attain long-term self-sufficiency. My greatest hope for both new and incumbent workers that we serve is tangible life and career advancement.