Marano Fellows Class of 2009

Name: Randi Wolfe

Los Angeles Universal Preschool

Location: Los Angeles, California
Primary Industry Sector: Early Childhood Education
Type of Organization: State-funded non-profit organization

“Working in the sector field affords me broader influence on the ECE industry than working in other capacities because I can impact members of the workforce as well as the institutions and employers that train and hire that workforce.”

Organizational Mission: LAUP is an independent public benefit corporation, created in 2004 to make voluntary, high-quality preschool available to every 4-year-old in LA County, regardless of family income by 2016. Launched in March 2005, LAUP currently funds preschool for nearly 9,000 4-year-olds.

Interest in Sector Work: I work in Early Care and Education (ECE), which includes teachers, program directors, administrators, and others who work with children from birth through age 8. I chose this work having spent about 25 years working in ECE as a preschool teacher, daycare center director, and university professor teaching ECE students.

Some of my hopes and goals include:

  • Insuring that ECE students receive adequate and accurate academic advisement so that they don't waste their time taking courses of little benefit or courses that will not apply toward an AA or BA degree.
  • Creating articulation agreements across institutions of higher education (community colleges and 4-year universities) so that if students move from one college to another (as is fairly typical, given the mobility of the workforce), they won't lose credits or need to repeat courses they've taken elsewhere.
  • Working with other stakeholders across California to address compensation and wage issues that impact the ECE workforce.