Marano Fellows Class of 2009

Name: Megan O'Meara

NYC Department of Small Business Services

Location: New York City, New York
Primary Industry Sector: Transportation, Manufacturing, Healthcare
Type of Organization: City Agency

“I believe it is incredibly interesting and rewarding to design and oversee programs that can have such a range of magnitude in their impact-- serving both individuals and entire sectors of the economy.”

Organizational Mission: The Workforce Development System fulfills business customers' hiring and training needs by preparing and placing the most qualified individuals in their job opportunities.

Interest in Sector Work: The New York City Department of Small Business Services (SBS) is committed to sector work as a highly effective strategy for meeting the workforce needs of an industry while also creating employment and advancement opportunities for low-income workers. SBS has launched three Sector-Based Career Centers to-date, applying a sectoral employment strategy to a high-volume One-Stop model. The target sectors; Transportation, Healthcare, and Manufacturing were chosen based on a combination of factors; the projected growth and relative size of the industry within the regional economy, the existence of workforce needs within the sector that a sector initiative could help mitigate, the availability of entry and mid-level occupations appropriate for individuals with little or no formal education, and the opportunity for career advancement.

The goals of the program are that the Sector-Based Career Centers will become a recognized and in some cases, primary recruitment and training source for the employers it serves, creating a pipeline of qualified workers that meet the workforce needs of the industry and that the Centers will help low-income New Yorkers find quality employment and access to career advancement opportunities.