Marano Fellows Class of 2009

Name: Teresa Mansell

Childspace CDI

Location: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Primary Industry Sector: Childcare
Type of Organization: CBO

“The privilege of witnessing women finding their voice and then encouraging other women to do the same is what excites me most about my sector work.”

Organizational Mission: Founded in 1995, Childspace CDI’s mission is to improve the quality of jobs for traditionally low-paid childcare workers and the quality of care for children.

Interest in Sector Work: Childspace CDI was established as the non-profit arm of the Childspace organization, which includes Childspace Management Group (CMG), a model worker-owned company that operates three childcare centers. As one of three women who had children born within a month of each other and unable to find the type of care we wanted for our infant sons, we decided to open our own center. CMG began as a worker cooperative to address the low quality, dead end job that employed primarily low-income African American women in Philadelphia. Through worker ownership and by providing fair wages and benefits, such as paid sick leave and vacation, and eventually health care, CMG’s staff turnover rate is considerably lower than the industry average. We hope to continue to empower women, through training and advocacy work, to successfully manage their work place and raise the level of job and serve as a model in the industry.