Marano Fellows Class of 2009

Name: Robert Hoenie

Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development

Location: Blaine, Minnesota
Primary Industry Sector: Manufacturing, Finance, Construction and Informational Technology
Type of Organization: State Agency

“Working in the Business Services arena of WorkForce Development allows me to see the entire vision come to fruition. I am actively involved in developing business focused solutions that will strengthen and grow our business sectors by helping companies identify strategic strategies to address their current and future workforce needs. At the same time I am involved in developing the methods to structure the access points for all citizens to participate in the emerging economy. My past success with the Pre-Apprenticeship training model I developed solidifies my belief that both employee and employer can benefit when a unified plan is developed and implemented. With the proper evaluation and planning no one will be left behind.”

Organizational Mission: DEEDís mission is to support the economic success of individuals, businesses, and communities by improving opportunities for growth. While DEED was created in 2003, the first Minnesota Department of Economic Development was established in 1947.

Interest in Sector Work: DEED has done extensive training and work in the disciplines of cluster theory and sector development. While Minnesota can be divided into five distinct regions, all share the core sectors of manufacturing and health care. My past projects have focused on the manufacturing sector based on the above average wages paid, growth potential and statewide access to training. I continue to work in Manufacturing while moving into the Health Care and Financial sectors. My goal is to identify emerging technologies and skill shortages critical to the vitality of our industries and structure realistic access points for the regionís workforce. One of Minnesotaís strengths has been the educational quality of our citizens developed through a strong statewide education system. Building on that network we can identify clear, structured career paths that will prepare people to enter and advance into the workforce our businesses need to remain competitive in a global economy.