Marano Fellows Class of 2007

Name: Jennifer Barnett

LA Works Region One Business Solutions

Location: Metairie, Louisiana
Primary Industry Sector: Construction, Healthcare, Advanced Manufacturing
Type of Organization: Four WIB Partnership

“I feel like I have an opportunity to be a part of making Louisiana a better place.”

Organizational Mission: It is our mission to provide quality service in an efficient and effective way that is business driven.

The regional portion of our organization has been in existence since January 2007

Interest in Sector Work: We learned that we need to take a more comprehensive approach to developing business driven workforce solutions.

Currently we have identified obvious sector hits in Healthcare, Construction and Advanced Manufacturing. However we are revisiting our selection process and criteria.

There is a need to raise the economic prosperity of the workforce and the community as a whole.

I find that the population that will benefit the most will be those that have little career direction; they are the least hopeful. We hope to show them the freedom of options.